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Audit Master Pro is Real-Time field Testing and Engineering Software that provides a range of services,
including building and HVAC equipment energy audits, energy management,
and air and water testing and balancing.

Audit Master Pro (AMP) was developed by Lance Rock, who is considered a leader in the HVAC energy and heat transfer field, as well as the testing and balancing industry. Lance is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM), Certified Carbon Reduction Manager (CRM), Certified Energy Auditor (CEA), Certified AABC Test and Balance Engineer, Certified ACG CxA, Certified National Energy Management Institute (NEMI), LEED AP, Level III Thermographer, and certified by the Commercial Nuclear Power Plant Industry.

Lance holds three patents for HVAC heat transfer testing and optimization and is currently developing his fourth patent in the same field. The patents were developed to maintain the integrity and strict process required when testing HVAC equipment to identify system heat transfer and component issues, such as dirty coils internally or externally, system fluid flows, and to identify if HVAC systems are/were properly balanced.

AMP's patent processes combine the principles of physics, thermodynamics, psychrometry, and the theory of SF-6 tracer gas testing without violating the international spirit of the Kyoto protocol.

AMP has an in-house team of full-time software engineers who have developed the software that is in keeping with the needs of building owners, managers, building engineers, architects, and professional engineers (PEs) for making buildings more energy-efficient, energy-optimized, and healthy. When COVID appeared in 2020, the software naturally and automatically had a place in making and certifying buildings' energy efficiency and infectious disease control compliance.

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