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Infectious Building Control

Audit Master Pro has created a software & service providing program called "Audit Master Pro"
that is COVID and HVAC Energy Efficiency Building compliant.

"Audit Master Pro" is a patented process for Mechanical and HVAC system functionality along with heat transfer identification and optimization process that identifies equipment efficiency within 1% probability of error. This process combines the principles of physics, thermodynamics, and psychrometrics along with the theory of SF-6 tracer gas testing without violating the international spirit of the Kyoto protocol.

AMP provides elevated COVID and IAQ building health through energy efficient means while providing tenant and occupant comfort and peace of mind. Our goal is to increase outside air ventilation for building dilution through elevated air changes per hour while maintaining proper space pressurization to outside ambient without increasing utility cost.

When a building is recognized as infectious control compliant it provides the tenants and occupants comfort in knowing that when returning to work they are in a much healthier situation than any other facility that has not taken these measures. Once a building is certified as HVAC COVID compliant an official plaque is awarded for display at the main building entrance for either the interior or exterior of the building.