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Taking responsibility for the environmental and social impact of building operations and working to minimize that impact while creating value for all stakeholders.

AMP with disclosure that to invested parties while strengthening your company’s image

AMP Software assists with implementation of CSR & ESG protocols with disclosure that pertains to invested

  • Building HVAC Energy Efficiency commitments with high impact, low risk investment.
  • 3rd Party validation of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs).
  • Reported Energy Efficiency operation before and after ECM measures are completed.
  • All building system data is collected, electronically reported, submitted to the buildings administration and management team, then stored in 2 secure and independent Cloud servers.
  • All independent contractors and service providers submit their testing and finalized data in a consolidated, and normalized, comparable electronic template data entry format, controlled by and through the buildings administration and management team.
  • AMP software data input is self-auditing and self-validating, using cross-referencing verifications.
  • AMP Information that is gathered mirrors the historically requested data for every building project as required in the International Energy Efficiency Code (IEEC), American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), State, and Local codes and standards.
  • The reporting is standalone and encrypted, with each page having a QR code for page-by-page validation
  • Data is distributed by building and administration and encompassed with system narratives.
  • Reporting software releases extremely accurate data immediately for full transparency
  • Continuous improvements in software and report development have been AMP’s commitment to provide the most thorough, accurate and fraud retardant platform unlike any field data collection and reporting software.

Positive effects and impacts of AMPs “Environmental” elements of CSR & ESG

  • Reducing Building Environmental Impact.
  • Corporate climate policies.
  • Sustainability.
  • Increased HVAC energy efficiency.
  • HVAC Energy use reductions.
  • Carbon footprint reduction.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions reduction.
  • Global climate Change.
  • In process for implementation - Carbon reduction reporting (July 2023).

Positive effect and impact of AMPs “Social” element of CSR & ESG

  • Customer privacy.
  • Customer service.
  • Customer relationships.
  • Clear and transparent information.
  • Employee Health and Safety.

Positive effects and impacts of AMPs “Governance” elements of CSR & ESG

  • Accurate and transparent reporting.
  • Software embedded fraud prevention of data collected through internal validation.
  • Accountability.
  • Conflicts of Interest identified, challenged, and avoided through validations.
  • Adopting ethical business practices.