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Auditors App

AMP's GPS app is continuously synchronized with AMP's software, registering time and location of the technicians and auditors related to the specific building and their assigned project. App allows the user to enter the following options:
  • Start Time – Workday End Time
  • Begin Break – End Break
  • Begin Lunch – End Lunch
  • Down Time
  • Project Meetings
  • Safety Meetings
  • Travel Leave Time – Arrive Time
  • Other
Administration can immediately access time and location records of all projects assigned to your company's certified technicians and auditors, either historically or in real time.
  • AMP's app includes a login screen along with a reset password option
  • General information of the current/assigned project
  • General information of a building and its location in a map format
  • Daily Log functionality
  • GPS location
  • Notifications
  • User profile, including their certification number
  • Breadcrumbs indicating travel routes
  • Directions to travel to any project location
  • Real time links to call the provided contact numbers
AMP's app connects and communicates with the companion software to coordinate and monitor any project assigned to an auditor and/or technician by the company's administrators.

AMP's GPS app quits monitoring a project and its auditors and/or technicians once the project is signed out of for any day, and resumes once logged back in for the beginning of each work period.